Big Rock Garden

This hill was a real challenge. To fit the scale of this property and house, large boulders were brought in. We decided to put in a very large burn pit since this house is located in the county with plenty of space. Various weeping shrubs and low-growing plants stagger up the rock garden steps.

Gravel Steps

This hill was also a challenge. It is at the foot of this house on the hill. I felt to anchor the house a bit I would add a couple trees to the corner. A path or steps were needed to access the water well area. The effect was successful not only in anchoring the house but also in giving the top deck some privacy as the trees have grown.

Uphill Path

This hill is quite steep so I decided to step this gravel path down in a couple times. Add in a rusty arbor with a grapevine and some shade plants to complete the garden. 







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