About Rhonda..                 

When my husband and I bought our first home we had a neighbor whose yard was amazing. I always had a love of plants and growing things but this is when the "bug" really took hold. Learning from Kathy was fun and exciting but I never expected to be on this end of things where my real passion was to create. I would much rather create than maintain the gardens, my husband does an amazing job of that, although I do help.

I went on to create a wonderful yard for our kids to play in & enough cut flowers for every room in the house. One thing led to the next and I found myself with a small greenhouse. Since we lived on a dairy farm, space was not an issue. I had enough space to create all types of interesting gardens and areas. I grew around 1000 annuals in my little greenhouse every spring, all of them planted in my gardens for a wonderful show of color. As I grew as a gardener; trees and shrubs became a huge interest to me and fitting them in the landscape effectively.

I have designed Koi ponds, English cutting gardens, perennials gardens, very structured landscape with little maintenance as well as massive rock gardens. I also love adding arbors, walkways, ponds, walls  & paths of interest.

I currently work locally with my oldest son Tyler, designing for his very busy landscape business in Whatcom County in Washington State.

I will design a garden of your dreams; giving you plot layout, plant lists, plant care and a walk-thru video so you can feel your design come to life. Let me know what I can do for you..


My Approach                                   

Since I love all types of landscape designs and styles, it's really the owner's taste and lifestyle that is important to the design. I love using out of the ordinary, overlooked but amazing plants in my landscape designs. Who will be maintaining this landscape is very important. If the homeowner will be doing all the maintenance, their level of knowledge comes into play.

My goal is to capture the vision of the owner. If they have no vision to start with, then I walk them through a series of questions to get to the core of  how they decorate and put things together and match that style in their outdoor space.